DEATH – Tarot Card, Tarot, Venus Uprising performance. Choreography by Fayzah. Performed by Fayzah and Aurea Dancers. NYC . Death and rebirth, a dawning of a new day. Utilizing fantasy and magic mixed with Tribal-Fusion and Tango dance elements. An epic work of surprise and intrique. Acting, voice, storytelling, and unique use of props and masks.
PRAYING MANTIS – Accoustic zills. Fayzah solo. Seoul, Korea . Five minute piece accompanied only by sound of dancer playing various rhythms on finger cymbals live, while dancing. Utilizing Hip Hop, Funk Styles, Egyptian Bellydance, and Turkish Karshlimar musical rhythms and dance. Tutting movements mixed with finger cymbals percussion. Movements also inspired by the spirit of the Praying Mantis, and the animals fighting spirit, who will fight until the death.
SUN – Life cycle and certain death of earth’s sun. Fayzah solo. Premier: Milan, Italy . 5 billion years from now our Sun as we know it, will explode and die. Human life on earth, if still existing, will be forced to move somewhere else in the universe. This is the journey of the Sun Goddess until the end of her time. A reflection of sun’s effect on living beings on earth. Piece ends with dancer using lighting effects from costume.
BOUNCE AND REBOUND – Fayzah and H1story, NYC . Tells a story through Dancehall and Tribal-Fusion dance styles, about a couple who have trouble reconciling their differences. Relationship battles. Love, arguments, support, highs and lows.
GHOST – Guest choreography and performance by Fayzah for “Memento Muerto” Neville Dance Theater production. New York City . A full length theater production telling a story inspired by the Mexican Día de los Muertos traditions, presented through contemporary and ethnic dances.
ARABIAN DANCE NUTCRACKER – The Nutcracker by Tchaikovsky, with finger cymbal accompaniment by dancer, in place of bells. Premier NYC. Fayzah guest soloist and choreographer with NDT Dance Company.
HEART – Guest choreography and performance by Fayzah for “Bodies” Neville Dance Theater production. New York City . A five section work which explores the miraculous systems of the human body. BODIES is an enticing escapade into the highly synchronized dual hemispheres of the brain (Hemispheres), the rapid relays of the central nervous system (Nerve), the rhythmical beatings of the human heart (Heart), the pulsating flow of blood through the circulatory system (Pulse), and the myriad motions of our amazing muscles (Brawn). Popping Dance, & Fusion Street Styles Dance.
OCTOPUS – VIDEO UNAVAILABLE. ELUTHERIA, Ruler of the deep seas – Choreography and performance by Fayzah for WDNY . Piece for Fantasy Bellydance DVD, produced by World Dance NYC.