Vamp Queen

  • Male dancer and performing artist Kenichi Ebina asked Fayzah to personally  train him (in Wings & Heels). He then went on to be the winner of the eighth season of America’s Got Talent!

  • Students include award winning cabaret artist and actress Amber Ray (Dance & Fans).

Are you an aspiring performer who wants to conquer the stage?

Are you a singer, actor, cabaret dancer, video vixen, circus, specialty act performer, or aerialist who wants to bring dance, flare, and style into your performances?

Who is this for?

For aspiring performers to seasoned professionals. A few different approaches are offered, tailored to your needs, whether you want to conquer the stage or create a special experience for someone for your wedding night or as an anniversary gift.

★ Wings ★ Heels ★ Fans ★ Veils / Fabric ★ Canes ★ Chair ★ Balancing Swords / Trays ★Magic

  • Walk or dance in heels with elegance, grace, and ease. Refine movements and timing.
  • Develop Star Power, Glamour, Attitude, & Style, for impactful performances.
  • Costume making. Learn how to put together your character and look
  • Actor development. Meaning in movement and gesture
  •  Elite dance training, including hair moves, arms, sensual isolations / undulations, and more

  • Incorporating Props

With over a decade of experience in the NYC and international performance worlds, Fayzah brings you, VAMP QUEEN Show Girl Style.
Drawing from her background as a professional dancer, actor, and costumer, her program includes full immersion into all aspects required to become a star performing artist! In her own performances, she’s surprised audiences with her incorporation of magic tricks into her dance pieces, and wowed crowds by eating fire with her feet.
Fayzah is also an expert at finding performerable fabrics that give the illusion of being something else. Her unique costuming is featured in the costuming book, Adventures in Bellydance Costuming, Vol 2, by Stasha Vlasuk. Notable costuming for her conceptual dance performances; Ruler of the deep seas, Android Dream, Death, and Sun, received international acclaim, and she has created her own mambo costumes. (Check Gallery to view). Fayzah guides you on what you need from designing to constructing, and where to find supplies, and the most sensual fabrics.
Smolder, Pout, Shout it out! Let it all out!

How do I sign up?

Currently re open via ELITE coaching private lesson packages online. Limited spaces available. 
To get started, please send a detailed email to Fayzah, about your previous experience (if any), goals, what you want to create, and around what amount you are ready to invest. Serious inquiries only. : APPLY HERE