November 22-24
19 hours of training in tantra & dance



tribal fusion belly dance | tantra for women | group improv | animal dynamics
powerful expression exercises | strength/flexibility training
shakti glow indigenous herbs | vajrayogini tantric meditations


This retreat is a great communion of women practicing tantra and dancing together as a one pure feminine force, while every unique energy is coming to full expression. It is an rare opportunity to generate inner fire in our body temples, burn what we do not need and submit to the tough love of the Vajrayogini, to purify our channels and be able to come into love and compassion towards ourselves and others. Prepare to deeply shed your skin, dive into your sensuality and vulnerability, find your innocence and confidence and explode into the dance of your primal nature. We will align ourselves with Vajrayogini, the supreme female Buddah, who is standing in the center of a blazing fire of exalted wisdom, transforming daily expderiences into higher spiritual paths.

You should take this retreat if
– You are interested in tanric practices
– You love to dance
– You want to wake up your full potential as a Goddess
– You want to come into the true feminine essense

What you will learn
– Tantric practices that you can do at home
– Tribal Fusion Moves that yon can integrate with your dancing
– That you are a Goddess with unlimited potential
– Embodying the natural grace of land and sea animals
– Liquid moving meditation

Fayzah says: “During my “wellness & transformational healing dance workshops”, I am here as a facilitator & channel, focusing on participants having the highest experience. I continuously strive to develop myself through this type of work in my own life, and here in this space I have some great tools & experience to share, to encourage you on your journey.”

People often exclaim in Fayzah’s workshops, “You made me realize I can do that”, or “I didn’t think I could ever do that and I did!”.

We are going to dance from the depth of our wombs and open up our orgasmic bodies through the magic of tantra, tribal fuse and trancedance. Through breath, cleansing and activation of the heart, yoni and womb centers we will invoke the pure original sense of being, the Varjayogini.

Tribal Fusion Belly dance is the medicine which combines Indian, Flamenco, and Egyptian mix with Hip Hop and Contemporary elements.

Goddess Flow approach: Feel good & let it happen instead of making it happen. Using dynamic approaches & sensory imagination to add meaning to our movement. Executing movement from place of inner power. As natural as how a cat takes their time to stretch, savoring every sweet elongation, we move with purpose & ease, celebrating our being every step of the way.

Fayzah says about this process: “The intention for the weekend is in healing & cultivating our inner power, and along with this comes more body awareness, creative possibilities, & confidence as a dancer and person. You can ooze fluid goddess movement in every day life, letting your own radiant natural body expression shine all the time, even while just sitting or walking! We will work on unlocking the door to let your unlimited potential flood out. I like to present things in such a way, that the learning is happening without participants even realizing it, because we are having so much fun, or are so present in the moment! Relax & you can do so much…trust the process. It’s happening, one step at a time. .. ” More

Trancendence Trancendance:

A modern approach embracing the wisdom of our human ancestors. Ancient trance dance rituals from countries such as Morocco & Sudan, accompanied by specific drum rhythms, have been used throughout the ages, similar to therapy in western culture.

In this workshop we will use some of these ancient movement practices & music, to aid in loosening internal blocked energy & breaking out of habits & past beliefs that are not beneficial. We will also work with some exercises to move through fear & judgement in a safe environment. There are no mistakes, free YOUR soul! An erupting &transformational letting go, encouraging ourselves towards higher states of being.

What to expect:

– Tantric pelvic release practices
– Prayer through the art of dance
– Tribal Fusion Belly Dance
– Trancedance Journey
– VajraYodini meditations
– Clearing Personal and Ancestral Karma
– Cleansing and Detox, Purification, Rejuvenation, Rebirth
– Fire Circle, Tribal Healing Songs, Chants, Mantras and Rhythms

When women get together our energies multiply and feed each other. When women form different ancestorial lineages come together, our wisdom multiplies. It is a sacred ceremony, which we call for our liberation and for the liberation of all women around the world. It is a practice. It is a service. It is a celebration. It is a gorgeous dance. It is our music. Our wildness. Our essence. Our release. Our gift.

During all practices we provide space to get to know each other better and support each other through the process. This deep work will help us stay in a healthy and radiant space in the weeks and months that follow the retreat.
LUBA SARASWATI EVANS says that the inspiration behind her work is her vision of personal growth, liberation, connection to the source and the idea of living the life as a spiritual practice, a life of service. She is committed to facilitating change in the world for ourselves and for generations to come. Luba Evans is the founder of Galiana Meditation Retreat, international tantra teacher, public speaker, co-founder of interactive arts space Lengua Divina, author of several books and plays, and an aspiring comedian. Saraswati’s understanding of the unity of form and emptiness and initiation into the depth of the teaching goes first and foremost to her first meditation teacher Alaya, The Universal Soul, and honorable Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, the great Tibetan master who brought Tantric Buddhism to the West. For her full bio, click here:

FAYZAH is a master dance teacher who is greatly influenced by nature. She finds inspiration in the natural grace & instincts of wild animals, and from creatures who live in the ocean, (both real and fantasy). She identifies most strongly with the elements of water & fire, and deities from various cultures, such as the fiercely compassionate Vajrayogini. She enjoys creating theatrical themes & characters in some of her larger works. Her love of robots turned into her mechanical though equally slinky fusion “Robot Cat”. She believes that dance is a powerful avenue for a person to grow and to connect to oneself and others. She is the co creator of Triple Treat Dance Workshops NYC, which combines healing vibration, nutrition, healing arts modalities & dance, in which participants dance to live african drums.

Her choreographic works are featured on several performance DVD’s, on the Neville Dance, Hollywood Music, & World Dance New York labels, and she has created instructional DVD’s  “Fluid Tribal” & “Android Goddess”. More information on Fayzah

Galiana Goddess Retreat – Quotes

“I’m still riding the wave from the weekend so my spirits have been up. My energy went
down when I started eating regular food again though! I’ll definitely have to think about
doing a raw food cleanse more often. I am so grateful to all of you for making the weekend so

“Thank you very much for the wonderful retreat. Thank you for all the love and
thoughtfulness that you put in this program.”

“I really appresiate how wisely this program was organized and how much effort you put in

“I am so grateful to all of you for making the weekend so special. I had forgotten how
wonderful it is to make connections with other women.“

“Thank you to everyone for being so kind, open, supportive, loving, caring, and
thoughtful during the retreat. Luba and Meera- it was so well organized and planned… it felt
like you read my mind and thought of everything I needed/wanted to work on.”

$380 per person (tuition, shared room accomodations and food)
$340 per person (tuition and dorm)

Done in association with Shaker Mills Inn

Unleash your cosmic gypsy spirit
Put your hand on your heart
You will recognize
The ancient rhythm
Of your inner goddess, natural and eternal
Come and dance with us
Come and dance