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The Goddess Within – Live Workshop

The Goddess Within - Live Workshop , in Playa Del Carmen (Centro), Mexico
Also available Live Online

Self Development | Transformational Training | Embodiment Practices AND Intentional Dance

Saturday, December 12, 2020
3PM (Eastern Time)
2 to 2.5 hrs

Workshop Suggested donation is 30USD,
(or pay what you can, no questions asked. No one will be turned away for lack of funds). 
However, there are limited spaces available. Register now to secure your spot.

Self Development | Transformational Training | Embodiment Practices AND Intentional Dance

❀ When women come together intentionally, we heal ourselves and others. This workshop is about revealing to heal, (we don’t know what we don’t know), and illuminating to transform (when we see some of what gets in the way, and feel an alternative way that enlivens us, we can create physiological changes that offer a whole new point of attraction for our lives, & better mind/body health. ♡​


We’ll be moving through a combination of SELF DEVELOPMENT training, BREATHING exercises, and DANCE practices.

Connecting with deep desiresGiving emotions space to roarHonoring and allowing ourselves to be seenFeeling sensually , to elevate our connected, expanded, refreshed, and flowing, states of being. Feeling the healing vibration of letting our hips, pelvis, and spines loose. One Starry Night

Limited spaces available. Secure your spot.

Upon registration, you will be re routed to the Confirmation Page with location information for live attendees and access link for online participants. If you have any issue accessing the confirmation page, please email ::

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TGW Live Workshop is based on material from one of my online courses TGW ‘The Goddess Within’.
Learn more about the Online Course version – a Month Long Intensive, Self Paced Program ↴

Video Lessons ✲ Reading ✲ Prompts ✲ Workbook Exercises ✲ Guided Video Meditation ✲ Follow Along Step by Step Video Practice

The Goddess Within - Month long ONLINE COURSE - Lessons | Modules

I created the online course, upon request from several women who where approaching me with similar issues for years. Many felt depleted, had patterns of putting their own needs and desires aside, felt like they were in their minds, pushing, instead of magnetizing and receiving, getting what they really wanted from life, jobs, and relationships…or had some of what they wanted, and got stuck in other areas.

Who is the course for?
The TGW Course especially supports those who are stressed, busy, and perhaps spend a lot of time in mental / analytical energy, who want to feel whole & thrive more in their feminine energy.

Online Course Curriculum includes ::

  • Self Development practices
  • Self Development practices
  • Transformational Training
  • Lymbic system rewiring
  • Dance Instruction (Intentional, Archetypal)
  • Purge / Release Movement
  • Ritual
  • Reflective practices workbook
  • Movement for emotional release, increasing energy, & pain relief
  • Shadow work
  • Meditation

Each week of the course explores different types of feminine energies, and what they offer on a path to wholeness.
Themes such as ::

  • Intuition
  • Girlish Charm
  • Water
  • The Seductress
  • Earth & Cycles


Are you ready to dive into a full month of heart opening nourishment for your body, mind, and soul?!