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Tango is a shared experience which requires tuning in to another person in order to enjoy it’s possibilities & intricacies to the fullest! Through Fayzah’s teaching method many are able to understand the inner workings of Tango faster and break down the illusions of the dance in order to dance at higher levels sooner. Class focus- Leader & follower technique, concepts, connection, sensation, & efficient body mechanics. No experience or partner required. Open to all.
About instructor – Fayzah:
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2017 Summer Tango Classes:
Email for class dates and to reserve your spot: fayzahfire@gmail.com
Single Class $20
(Payment must be made to instructor before class begins)
El Metejón Tango Practica: $5 public. FREE for students who have taken class the day of.
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Mondays Tango Class
El Metejón Tango Practica:
Solas- 232 E 9th St #1, NYC 10003

Tango Class
El Metejón Tango Practica
8:45pm until 10pm 

Grab a drink from the bar & enjoy practicing Tango on a sweet dance floor in NYC’s east village. Music to inspire!

Class attire:
Wear comfortable clothing you can move in, and shoes with leather or suede bottoms.
Some sneakers with smooth bottoms are also ok.
Heels are not required but welcome for followers technique.
*Classes are non refundable and non transferable
*Please try and arrive before the start time of class

Tango youtube channel with tutorials, class demos, & performance clips

“Fayzah was my first tango partner when I started taking tango classes. Back then, she was already an experienced and trained dancer in other styles and helped to accelerate my own learning
curve.  Today, Fayzah is a power house of dance knowledge and ability with years of multi-dance
form and cross-teaching experience.  With this background, she’s able to convey tango information
in a clear, confident, and fun way.  Plus, it’s always a great pleasure when I get a chance to connect
and social dance with her as contemporaries in tango.”
-Homer Ladas, San Fransisco

“Lookin’ forward to more of tango x-s. I loved it. Thx M.”
Miha Glockenspiel, Berlin/NYC

“I just wanted to say that Saturday (Tango X-Session) was one of the most uniquely fun dance
classes I’ve ever taken!”    –Dennis Loffredo, Connecticut

“Fayzah: this is Maura from Triangulo Studio for Argentine Tango… I wished to write to you to
share with you how wonderful you are…Classes have been challenging, but inspiring and
awakening. I appreciate your patience very, very much…you are fantastic…thanks much.”
Maura Hays, NYC

“Never have I seen someone so passionate and focused when it comes to their work and craft.
Fayzah indeed, has an amazing capability of making you feel and understand the art of Tango.
With her arsenal of multi talents in other arts and fusions, I strongly say that Fayzah raises the
bar on top notch instructions.”    -Eder “Estilo” Antunes

“I am looking forward to more.”
-Brenda Neville (director of Neville Dance Theater), NYC

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