“I can’t dance…”

…is a phrase that you’ve said over and over again? You would have liked to be on the dance floor, have fun, or interact with that other person you are attracted to?

With these free videos including 7 Dancing Hacks you will…

  • Learn how to hear and feel the rhythm of a song
  • Be given a step-by-step instruction to basic dancing steps you can use right away
  • Get comfortable dancing and look good expressing moves

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Video Lesson 1: Five Dance Hacks

Learn the 5 most important key elements, and start dancing in public right away!

Video Lesson 2: Two extra bonus Dance Hacks

Add some extra flavor to your dance movement.

Additional Practice Instruction

You will be guided how to apply these 7 Dancing Hacks exercises to a favorite song of your choice!

Do you have an event coming up, a friend’s wedding, or maybe just want to hit the club, and have trouble being in your body in public. Do you want to dance in public without “needing” to drink alcohol to feel comfortable? Maybe you feel embarrassed, awkward, or goofy, and just want to be out there with everyone else, look good and feel confident, being able to connect with others. Sign up to receive free videos to get you started dancing and get on the dance floor!

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