Strong and Supple

Strong and Supple Method™, created by Fayzah, promotes the idea of learning through play. A fun alternative to going to the gym which will give similar benefits with additional perks! Workshop includes meditation, strength and flexibility training, movement, endurance training, games to aid in opening up personal expression, getting the heart rate up, playing with various rhythms, & human connection. Creating a more fluid mind and body. Gaining confidence. Similar benefits of martial arts training, minus possibility of injury from impact, and with the fun of dance movement, with conscious training, keeping things even on both sides of the body. Better ease of movement in everyday life. Form great habits and develop a fresh approach to looking at life. Coming from a professional dance background, and having experienced recovery from various ailments, Fayzah has a deep understanding of the importance of maintaining mind body health, for a life of happiness and wellbeing. Being an extreme music lover & former DJ, Fayzah’s workshops are accompanied by a powerful blend of eclectic music, chosen to effect the body and uplift the soul. (This is different than the treble heavy, sometimes one dimensional music assigned to other popular exercise programs).


1:30pm-1:45pm Meditation and facial relaxation
1:45pm-2:10pm Getting the heart rate up, dance rhythm and strengthening training
2:10pm-2:20pm Expressiveness development through various games and objectives
2:20pm-2:35pm Stretch & fluid movement practice
2:35pm-2:45pm Closing setting intentions goals for upcoming week

Comfortable clothing that one can move in. Being present.


    • Creating healthy habits
    • More youthful appearance
    • Transformative growth 
    • Creating healthy habits
    • Stepping into your highest potential
    • Healthy, fun, playful, lifestyle

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