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The Goddess Within

This life-changing program helps busy, stressed, women to uncover their true power.

The Goddess Within

Transformational Training, Dance, Manifest, Repeat!

The Goddess Within

Transformational Training, Dance, Manifest, Repeat!

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“After I did the routine this morning I was feeling really strong. I can make a lot of excuses for why I can’t get moving or take a few minutes to pause, but this has been manageable and now it actually feels like a real part of my day. Thank you for being a positive influence! It’s making my days brighter. 🌼”​

Monica Sweeney​
Author | Boston, USA​

“I did a session with Fayzah in Buenos Aires. I learned new exercises I never did before and I still think about them now.”​

Isis Latorre​
Writer / Blogger | Montpellier, France​

“I’ve been keeping up the ab exercises and meditation, and gratitude and the thing I want to work on 🙂 I do it every weekday. I just wanted to say thank you. And now lots of people do it here with me and that’s all thanks to you 🙂 You’ve inspired a group of hard ab-people with stronger minds.”​

Diego Bejarano Gerke​

“Sessions with Fayzah were good value. Not only was she good at understanding client’s perspective, but was spontaneous with input. But requires commitment and homework from your side, to see results. Themes that I put emphasis on are: -Connection, Relationships, and Confidence | Self esteem.”​

Christophe Meyers​

“Hi Fayzah, I want you to know what an impact you’ve made on my life. You are the person that awakened something inside of me and this has grown a lot. I feel a thousand times more myself, more feminine, more playful, more sexy and most of all more okay with all of the above. You were there for me on very low moments in my life and I will never stop appreciating this.”

Lara Borm | Netherlands​
Co Founder

“Fayzah, you are soooooo intelligent in ways our culture doesn’t appreciate. I appreciate it. You’re like a shaman or a witch doctor. I’m feeling my power again. I don’t feel helpless at work. I feel powerful. You are soooooo good at this. Thank you. This kind of work is so under appreciated.”​

Jeff Baker
SEO specialist​

“Fayzah is a warm-hearted, gentle soul who instantly made me feel comfortable the second I entered the space. She was considerate and attentive to everyone’s needs, answered our many questions and most importantly, got us thinking and feeling. I learned a lot about myself that day and also got some great reminders of things I’d forgotten about. The workshop included dancing, talking, thinking, feeling, crying and laughing all in the space of a few hours and I’m so grateful I found it. I wholeheartedly recommend this workshop and anything that Fayzah does; your heart won’t regret it”.​

Writer / World Traveler​

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What happens when I schedule a free discovery call?

You will receive an email back within 48 hours of sending your email. If I see that the things you want to address, clear, and transform are in alignment with what I can offer, you will also receive available dates for booking the call. Just through the call alone you will gain clarity, and some tools, tips, and insights, given freely. I will determine if we are a good fit for working together further, and in what capacity 🙂

Can I purchase a program without doing a discovery call?

If you are applying for specialized individual sessions, a prerequisite call is required. For all other listed programs, you are free to purchase straight away.

I don’t see the kind of course or session I am looking for here, can I request it?

Absolutely! I am continually creating new material and I would love to know specifically what would benefit you most, and what you would most like to see come into fruition.