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Fayzah is not only an incredibly captivating performer but a great person as well. The energy that she brings with her is infectious. A true artist and professional.”

Julia Royter Wilson | Phoenix Entertainment NYC

“NDT’s Nutcracker puts out the red carpet for a bustling world of dance – from tango to Fayzah’s superbly crafted Arabian solo.”

Eva Yaa Asantewaa | NYC Dance Critic


Fayzah Interview | Rhythm Addict TV

Interview with Fayzah on creating a fusion dance style

Fayzah – Cast Interview. Acting role in film, The Game

Partnerships & Press

Artistic Director/Choreographer: Brenda R. Neville 

Guest Artist/Choreographer: Fayzah Fire (for Heart in BODIES). 

BODIES – A full-length work three years in the making, NDT and commissioned guest artist Fayzah Fire will complete the final three sections of this five section work which explores the miraculous systems of the human body. Drawing from a diverse array of movement styles including ballet, street jazz and modern dance, plus vivid slide projections, BODIES is an enticing escapade into the highly synchronized dual hemispheres of the brain (Hemispheres), the rapid relays of the central nervous system (Nerve), the rhythmical beatings of the human heart (Heart), the pulsating flow of blood through the circulatory system (Pulse), and the myriad motions of our amazing muscles (Brawn). The first two sections, created in 2012 and winter 2013 respectively, have been called “compelling and courageous” by iDanz News and “intriguing” by Fit Engine, and were exceptionally well received during initial showings.

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