💢May 2017 Newsletter for you!💢

Hello everyone,

Spring is here & I’ve got some things for you..

If you missed my 12 minute abs tutorial video, you can watch it (and do it!) anytime you like. No matter your motivation (to enhance your dancer instrument, maintain health, or that bathing suit weather right around the corner). I wasn’t in top shape at all when I made it, so I’m here doing some of my favorite exercises for core strengthening & abs sculpting. It works, especially when done with commitment! I challenge you to do it a minimum of 3 × per week, for 3 weeks straight! I would love it if you share your progress. 💪

If you’ve been studying Tango with me, you can check out my Tango basic embellishments for followers practice video. 👠

Also, for those who are newer to my work, here is an article written about me, which describes why you see various different dance styles here. It tells about my journey and why I chose to specialize in more than one style of dance.