Start dancing now!

Video lesson #1 - Five Dance Hacks

Video lesson #2 - Two extra bonus Dance Hacks!

Feel free to pause videos, rewind sections, and repeat, as you go through the lessons.

How to apply these lessons

After you complete several rounds of the 2 Dancing Hacks video tutorials, here is a practice you can do to integrate what you’ve learned!
You may or may not have liked the songs from the videos. Since dance is a consequence of music, it is important to find danceable songs that you like, which you might naturally feel more inclined to move to.
Exercise: Try playing the videos on mute, and going through all of the exercises, while playing a song of your choice! Go through all of the 7 Dancing Hacks, practicing to each one. You’ll want to do the exercises to match the tempo of the song you are playing out loud.
1. Listening
2. Feeling
3. Feet
4. Walk out arms
5. Rocking
6. Shoulders
7. Hips

Do you want to take it some steps further?

Receive feedback in the privacy of your own home, with your own dance instructor!

Meg Frodel

I’m sooo excited to take class from you! I don’t feel as overwhelmed..that’s the main difference I notice (thanks to your class really)! I don’t want to miss a minute of your classes.
As a professional dancer for years, both teaching and studying with lots of great instructors, but I’m new to Popping & Hip Hop. I’ve realized that Fayzah is one of the best teachers I’ve come across. She’s somehow able to communicate the street/authentic feeling of the styles she teaches while also clearly breaking down construction and moves of pop, wave, tut, hiphop, whatever (not just teaching choreography); so that a beginner or seasoned dancer can confidently learn or deepen in their dance. I follow her everywhere because she’s the best.

Luba Evans

NYC | Russia
I have been taking classes with Fayzah over several years. She is an incredibly gifted teacher and dancer, with a unique sense of the inner workings of nature. I would say that she is a queen of flow. She has a beautiful mysterious style, rooted in authentic ancient cultures. At the same time she has a very hip and modern alignment. Fayzah is a rare gift to the world. I am lucky to have her as my dance teacher.


It was so nice to join your class, I enjoyed dancing a lot. That is why I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful experience.

Holly Seefeldt

The performance was really amazing, everything I had hoped it would be. I have to thank you for all that we discussed in our one short hour. You really helped me so much to get ready for this. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


Out of your comfort zone & into the free zone workshop: “I realized that I will be dancing in a safe space where we are being pushed out of our comfort zones! Grateful to push through discomfort! It did feel great to openly and quickly push through feelings of tightness and restraint! Thanks so much for such a positive and exciting workshop!
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